Asparagus Crowns

We are extremely sorry, but we are sold out of asparagus crowns for 2021.


Since the beginning of Pendleton’s Country Market, asparagus has been the cornerstone and beginning of the harvest season. As the growers and caretakers of the largest single patch of asparagus in the state of Kansas, we enjoy sharing information about the care, feeding, and culinary preparation of this remarkable little vegetable. We promote gardeners to plant asparagus in their gardens, and hope to give you the tools that will make your asparagus patch a success!

We have two varieties of asparagus this year, UC157 and Purple Passion.

UC157 is one of the best varieties of asparagus available for midwestern gardens and commercial production. It is a proven variety, with a tolerance for fusarium crown rot and improved rust tolerance. In field trials, the UC157 crowns have been more vigorous and produce higher yields than previous varieties, and are less prone to open tips in hot weather than other varieties.

The “Purple Passion” cultivar of asparagus produces a beautiful burgundy colored, low fibered spear with tightly opressed bud scales and a rounded head shaped tip. The interior of Purple Passion is a creamy-green color. Spear diameter is larger than green asparagus due to the vigorous growth they undergo. The flavor of this spear is mild and sweet, often referred to as being like fresh green peas. Sugar content of Purple Passion is also 20% higher than green asparagus.