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John and Karen Pendleton have recently started a podcast!

The Stalk of the Town – our farm and our community.

John and Karen Pendleton own Pendleton’s Country Market, a diversified family farm, growing vegetables, bedding plants and cut flowers. Located just off Highway 10 between Kansas City and Lawrence, the farm is nestled in the rich Kaw River Valley. They sell their produce on their farm, at the local farmers market and through their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Karen’s flowers can be found every Saturday morning at the Lawrence Farmers Market. Her designs are a favorite of local brides, as well as events such as the Symphony in the Flint Hills, during the growing season.
John and Karen have been farming together for over 40 years, on this podcast they share experiences about their farm and their community. You can find it on most places you find your podcasts.

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Our online shop will be updated every Sunday with available items for you to pick up here at the farm. Click here to see what we have right now!

2024 CSA

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is now accepting applications for this 2024 season.  Click here for more information and to sign up! Give us a call if you have any questions!

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Pendleton’s Country Market

Pendleton’s Country Market is a diversified farm featuring vegetables, bedding plants and cut flowers. You can buy direct from our farm market, at the Lawrence Farmers Market, and the Farmers Market at Clinton Parkway. We market much of our vegetable production through a CSA program with 200 subscribers; flowers are sold at the markets and used for weddings and events.

We have expanded our online offerings, and invite customers to order online, and pick up from our market’s front porch. For some crops, customers are invited to “pick-their-own,” allowing families to enjoy the farm experience.

Plants and Flowers

When growing bedding plants for your garden or cut flowers for your table, we take extra care with each and every plant on our property to make sure they are of quality for you. We not only grow some of the most beautiful flowers in the midwest, but we can also arrange them to help create some of the most beautiful and memorable weddings and events.

At the Farm

Everything on the farm is seasonal. Sign up for our crop update emails to keep up on what’s available at the farm. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook for more up-to-the-minute crop reports. We are located in the Kaw River Valley, where the country air and neighborly service provides a relaxing environment to shop for fresh vegetables, flowers, and garden gifts.

Where to Find Us

You can also find Pendleton’s Country Market at the Saturday Lawrence Farmers Market and the Wednesday Clinton Parkway Nursery Farmers Market. Sign up for our CSA program to recieve a weekly bag of the best produce around during the spring, summer and fall. There is no simpler way to enjoy fresh local produce all season. “Food from a farmer you know!”

About the Pendletons

“John is equal part passionate farmer, skilled mechanic, nature lover and avid entomologist. A quick trip around the farm will have you encounter hard-working, yet passive bumble bees that do the bulk of the pollinating in the Pendleton’s hydroponic tomato shed. You’ll also see beautiful butterflies arrive, pollinate and go on their way. John loves all of it. He’ll fix a tractor, do farm work and still be able to tell you where the newest birds nest full of eggs is around the farm. John can be found most days driving customers around on his vintage tractor as he shows eager pickers where the best harvest of the day is.”

“Karen is an enthusiastic farmer, dedicated educator and incredible tour guide. She has a passion for teaching people about agriculture, whether it’s about which plants to put in partial shade or the process behind how they grow their vegetables.”

“But most importantly, their passion is to farm together. Their relationship and connection with each other is one that makes you believe in something again. It’s something to get excited about… like the first ripe tomato of summer.”

– From Kansas Farmer, by Scott Stebner.

Pendleton’s CSA Cookbook

You will find the book contains recipes that are a little heavy on the “not so well known” vegetables. We’ve found that kale, kohlrabi, okra and eggplant are not as familiar to many of our members, and we try to provide more uses for these. It’s the old, “try it, you’ll like it” idea! Of course we’ve also included lots of our favorite recipes for many other vegetables and fruits that will be found in our weekly bags.

Tips on how to use the produce in your CSA bag, the local Farmers Market or from your back yard bounty.

Learn to eat locally and seasonally.

This can finally be the year where you not only keep up with your summer vegetables, but get the most possible out of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is asparagus season?
The average dates for asparagus season are April 15 – almost the end of May.
When is the farm open?
We are a seasonal business. We are open “in-season”. Depending on the weather, we are open from March until the 2nd week of December.
What type of plants do you sell?
We sell a wide variety of annuals, herbs, succulents and vegetable plants. This year, we have 109 varieties of tomato transplants!
Do you supply wedding flowers?
Yes, we will do full service weddings and events, or you can buy bulk flowers for DIY. It is best to call for a consultation to go over the flowers you would like for your event.
What crops do you offer for Pick-Your-Own?
Asparagus, spinach, lettuce, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Sign up for our crop update emails for other specials and picking dates.
What events do you have in the Fall?
We invite you to visit us on the Kaw Valley Farm Tour the first weekend of October.

The weekend before and the weekend after Thanksgiving we invite you out to our Holiday Open House. During the Open House we will have fresh evergreens, poinsettias and holiday gifts. During the Open House, you will also be able to shop from about 20 other local farms that join us for the event.