Ratibidia columnifere Red


Also known as a Mexican hat, this easy to establish plant has long-lasting, drooping mahogany-red blooms that are tinged with yellow on the edges and long, prominent cylindrical disks in the center. The flowers resemble a sombrero, and this is where the inspiration for their common name comes from. They usually flower prolifically all the way through the summer and into the fall. A clump-forming perennial that doesn’t have dense foliage, the Mexican hat plant is typically grown in groups and is ideal for meadow, cottage and wildflower gardens. With their upright growth habit and height, which can reach up to three feet, Ratibida columnifera are also a great choice for planting at the back of borders in sunny gardens. Mexican hat plants are commonly selected for xeriscape landscaping because of their impressive drought-tolerance. Their pollen and seeds will attract a wealth of pollinators and feeding birds to your garden, and they self-seed freely. Another bonus is that the foliage has a distinct odor that acts as a repellant to deers.

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