Organic Chestnuts (lb.)


Chinese chestnuts, such as we grow, are not only sweeter; they are comparatively easier to peel than most European varieties. There is the fast way—score across the middle, boil them in water for a few minutes, remove a few at a time, and peel with your fingers while hot. Sometimes the kernel will just pop out if you give it a little squeeze. For a better, more intense flavor, try roasting them!

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Fresh chestnuts are ideally stored at temperatures of 32F at high humidity in mesh or other breathable bags. If stored in unvented plastic bags, the nuts will transpire and the trapped moisture will hasten molding. Stored in good conditions in your refrigerator, chestnuts should keep for a month or two.

Chestnuts can be frozen once they are peeled. Thawed chestnut kernels are great for recipes requiring purees and confections, and OK for soups, stews etc. We’ve used frozen chestnut kernels over a year old and if anything, they are simply sweeter!
But, our motto is: Eat ‘em, don’t store them!

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