Sumah Creations

Sumah Creations was born out of a non-profit called Women’s Fresh Start Project. In 2015 I began work with Fresh Start and learned the crafts of Soap and Candle Making. At WFSP I had an opportunity to grow in confidence and knowledge and I learned I was capable of much more than I had previously realised. When WFSP closed down in 2017 I decided to continue on my own with Sumah Creations. My dream is to grow my business into something I can eventually support myself with doing things I truly love and providing quality products to my customers. I
am in the process of building a website I hope to debut soon which will carry my soap, candles, and wax tarts as well as other new products in the future. In the meanwhile you can find me here at Pendleton’s Country Market as well as on my Sumah Creations Facebook page. I truly appreciate your patronage.

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